1. P3

A software pipeline implemented to conduct tests of model fit using posterior predictive testing, based on both data- and inference-based test statistics in phylogenetics. This new implementation makes a large spectrum of models available for use through a user-friendly and flexible interface.

2. RevBayes

RevBayes is a software package designed to conduct Bayesian phylogenetic inference using probabilistic graphical models and an interpreted language.

3. Phyloboost

Phyloboost is a python pipeline that allows the reconstruction, augmentation and visualizaton of the similarity-cluster-based tree sets constructed from an input dataset of sequences.

4. OpenTree of Life

The Open Tree of Life is an online phylogenetic tree of life, funded by the National Science Foundation. The first draft, including 2.3 million species, was released in September 2015. The Interactive graph allows the user to zoom in to taxonomic classifications, phylogenetic trees, and information about a node.