General who

I am a biologist and statistics and computing enthusiast and trouble causer who currently works as a senior research fellow, and a resident biologist at the LSU CCT working to build data driven across discipline research programs. My research has been focused on using modern data driven approahces to answering questions in Biology related to biodiversity. I’m interested in exploring statistical models and computational approaches that can best inform our understanding of and help to quantify biodiversity.

A bit more

My research focus is to try and understand the forces of molecular evolution that act upon individuals, populations, and species through time producing, limiting, or maintaining biodiversity. The central goals of my research are 1) to uncover patterns of diversity at different evolutionary scales; 2) to infer the processes of change that generate and maintain those patterns; and 3) to develop methods, models, and tools to help us better understand the information signal we recover from data about those processes. My work is heavily integrative and the projects I work on span variety of areas including empirical systems on all types of taxa and systems, simulation and modeling studies, and software and methods development.